Adorable Holiday Family Portraits

Holiday Portraits

How adorable is this family!  I was honored to be selected to photograph little Tommy’s newborn portraits and now again to create their Holiday Family Portraits!  When the mom called me to schedule, she warned me that they would be including their little French Bulldog, Lulu in their portraits.  When I asked if Lulu was well trained, the mom replied, “No, she’s a terror!”  That cracked me up because most clients say their dog is really well behaved and at the shoot the dog really is a terror.  LOL  But Lulu was a perfectly well behaved pup throughout the entire shoot, even when she had to get dressed up in a sweater with antlers!

Mom has a great sense of humor and wanted something fun and a bit different so we selected Old Poway Park.  Since Tommy is still only 3 months old, we didn’t go as crazy as we wanted so watch out because we will next year!!!

Old Poway Park

Old Poway Park is a great place to take little children.  On Saturday and Sunday there are train rides and it is a small enough park that you can walk the entire thing in under an hour and look around.  You will also be entertained by all the photographers there doing portrait sessions, especially this time of year!


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