Macro Flowers | Sarah Morgan Photography | San Diego, CA

As I take my walk each morning, I notice all the beautiful flowers, leaves, trees and areas around my lovely neighborhood in San Diego.  But I’m trying to get exercise!  So I don’t bring along my camera as I would be stopping every few feet.

Macro Photography of Flowers

Yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore!  After my walk, I grabbed my camera and went back out to capture some of the flowers that are blooming.  I’m such a sucker for flowers.  I just love them and how each one is so different and each is different every minute of it’s life.  I love the process of blooming and I love photographing them.  I especially enjoy the springtime Agapanthus flowers.  They open slowly and look completely different as they bloom.  The beautiful bright orange Day Lillies are also great to photograph as the color is so intense.  Hibiscus are a favorite as well for their deep fuschia color.

I am very lucky San Diego and Southern California have so many beautiful plants and flowers that bloom all year long for me to create images of.  Enjoy my vision of the flowers in my neighborhood.Macro photograph of Agapanthus FlowerMacro photograph of dew drops on leaves of Agapanthus plant.The Stamine of a Day Lilly flowerWhile photographing the blooms of this Hawthorne, I noticed this adorable little curly cue. Macro of ornamental grass stalkMacro photograph of Agapanthus flowers stamineMacro photograph of dew on Hibiscus flowers stamineMacro photograph of Agapanthus budMacro of blossom of Agapanthus plant


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