Savannah’s Newborn Portraits | Sarah Morgan Photography

Savannah’s portraits

Newborn portraits are my favorite portrait sessions!  The tiny fingers, toes, lips and nose!  Just so darn sweet!  I feel these are some of the most important portraits I create for families.  These portraits document a fleeting time in a life, that wonderful few weeks when a baby is at his/her tiniest.  There is no going back to this time, no do-overs, no we’ll do that next month, next year.  This is it!  The first few weeks of life.  It always makes my heart sad when I hear a mom say, “I wish I had had portraits like these done when my children were small.”  Don’t be that mom.  Don’t wait!  If you are pregnant, call to discuss having Newborn Portraits created.  It is best if the newborn is brought in for his/her portraits within the first 14 days to 30 days for best results.

Below are Savannah Newborn Portraits, taken when she was 7 days old.

Savannah's newborn portraitSavannah's newborn portraitSavannah's newborn portraitSavannah's newborn portrait