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  A big thank you to Carol at Cabinetry Design for featuring me in their monthly newsletter.  I’ve been working with Carol to photograph their gorgeous cabinetry for over a year and I am always amazed at the quality of work they provide.  Thecraftsmanship is outstanding and the design is always perfect for the room.  Thanks, Carol for the shout out!!!  I love working with you!

Cabinetry Design
Issue 14 May  2011
Featured Project

Kitchen Entry

Our featured project this month is the creation of retired architect, Federico Sam.
When remodeling his 1950’s ranch style home in Point Loma, Federico decided to make a serious style statement, reflecting his love for Asian décor, simplicity and contemporary furnishings.

In selecting custom cabinetry throughout the home, Sam chose two very exotic woods: lacewood and wenge. As you enter the kitchen from the family room of this open floor plan, you see a small bookshelf, which is actually the end of the kitchen island. Serving as a transitional piece between the two rooms, we carved the bookshelf and crown molding on the overhead beam in lacewood with wenge trim. This dramatic entry whets the appetite for the striking contrast in woods you see as you enter the kitchen.


The cabinets are crafted from Australian lacewood, mostly known for its fascinating appearance. This orange/brown colored wood has a distinct fish scale-like pattern which adds interest to the clean lines of this kitchen. The cabinets and crown moldings are trimmed in wenge, which comes form Zaire and other small countries in West Africa. Wenge is dark brown, with fine pencil-thin, light tan lines interspersed with blackish brown stripes. The surface appears as if it has been stroked by the line claws of some wild jungle animal!

Federico wanted the design to match the openness of the home and offer a barrier free view of the pool and tropical outdoor oasis. Standing at the island, with a bottle of cabernet within easy reach from the sub zero wine refrigerator, you get a glimpse of this lovely vista. One is immediately transferred to a peaceful Zen-like state of mind.


Turning to the actual working kitchen, you will find a trough sink and other stainless appliances. You can see how the lacewood cabinets add warmth to these polished finishes. In turn, the pendant and ceiling lights, and glass cabinetry doors add brightness to the kitchen. White countertops of engineered stone create clean, pure planes. The repetition of simple shapes, lines, and exquisite materials provide a serene, natural and harmonious space to start and end the day.

Meet the Photographer –
Sarah Morgan, Photographic Artist 
Sarah Morgan

With a degree in accounting, and a 15 year banking career under her belt, Sarah Morgan never dreamed she would become a photographer. Attending several friends’ weddings should have been her clue. Sarah’s interest was always in how the photographer was staging the photos as opposed to the design of the bridal gown or who caught the bouquet! But it wasn’t until a friend asked Sarah what she would be “if she could be anything she wanted, ” and Sarah answered, “a photographer, of course!” that the die was cast.

After serving as an apprentice for a well-known photographer in Maine, Sarah opened her own studio, in 1998. “I have found my love for photography so fulfilling and gratifying, I can’t imagine a better job! I love capturing wonderful moments in my clients’ life whether it be the beauty of their wedding day or a family portrait.”

Sarah’s skill at capturing memories is not limited to weddings and portraits. After a local architect showed us Sarah’s commercial work two years ago, we hired her to help us create a Cabinetry portfolio. We get so many compliments on the photographs we share with you in this newsletter, we can’t keep her a secret any longer! Sarah has been a joy to work with and we thank her for helping us share our beautiful handcrafted cabinetry with you!

Sarah Morgan, Photographic Artist

(858) 414-9646



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