Baby Riley Paige ~ 3 Month Portraits

Baby Riley Paige happens to be a friend’s Granddaughter so there was no way I could miss photographing her at three months!

Riley Paige ~ 3 Month Portraits

She is the sweetest, most adorable baby!  I may be a little biased, but she really is!  This little baby LOVES to laugh, smile and chatter.  She is going to be a big talker when she gets the hang of it.  She also loves the camera (right now), which makes her amazingly fun to photograph.  I am crossing my fingers that she remains a fan of being photographed because it is going to be such a joy to watch her grow and capture her progress in portraits.Baby Riley Paige loves to smile. She giggles and laughs and we all adore her for it.Baby Riley Paige loves to entertain us with her giggles and smiles. So adorable.With a little help from dad behind her under the blanket, Baby Riley sits up.I just love baby feet and Baby Riley Paige's are no different. I had to get a shot with her feet in it .Baby Riley melts everyone's hearts.Big brother, Jayce, loves his little sister. I love that he leaned over and kissed her as I was photographing them. So Sweet!

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