The Importance of Family Portraits

I apologize for this sad blog post, but this family’s story really hits home the importance of family portraits.

The Importance of Family Portraits

The Carter family lived next to me for a while and didn’t get together very often.  They hadn’t had a family portrait taken in several decades.  Dale, the dad, had been diagnosed with lung cancer the year before and was fighting the disease.  When they learned that their daughter, grandson and future son-in-law were coming for a visit at Thanksgiving, they contacted me to do a family portrait for them.

Coming Together

We planned the portrait for the day before Thanksgiving.  Pat called a few days prior and said they were reconsidering doing the portrait because Dale wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have much energy.  I told her to play it by ear and hopefully, he would be feeling better, and we could definitely adjust our planned location.  We were lucky and Dale felt really well the day we had scheduled the session.  He was able to stand for a short period of time without his oxygen, so I could create a few images for them.  I was able to deliver their order within a couple of weeks.

Reality Check

About 1 week later Dale, the husband, dad and grandfather, passed away from his lung cancer.  These images remind his family of the fun day they had.  How well Dale had felt that day, and how he and his grandson had raced to the park with Dale winning by a hair on his Rascal.  They will remember how happy he was to have his family together and joked throughout the entire session.  These images will bring back a host of happy memories and provide this family with a beautiful portrait of their beloved husband, dad and granddad that they can cherish for their lifetime.

Seize the Moment!

Don’t procrastinate on capturing portraits of your family.  We never know how long we will have them and photographs are our only link to them once they  have moved on to their next big adventure.

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