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Jack’s Newborn Portraits

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard moms say, “I wish I had newborn portraits taken of my baby.  He/She grew up so fast.”  I don’t want another new mom to say that!  Newborn portraits are the most adorable, sweet and precious images we make.  Newborns are so innocent, sleepy and just downright adorable.  The best time to make newborn portraits is between birth and 10 days old.  At this time the babies are extremely flexible, love to be swaddled and scrunched up.  Also during the first few days, they sleep…a lot!  This is the perfect time for those amazing, sweet, sleepy baby images.

Adorable little baby Jack came to be photographed all the way from Hemet, CA.  He had a hour long ride and nice long nap so he was Wide Awake when he arrived.  He was very curious and interested in the heater, lights & me.  It took a few feedings by mom to get him to finally drift off so we could work with him.  He was 10 days old so he was outside the time frame of wanting to curl up.  He was more interested in being stretched out and showing off his new found muscles.  Once he settled, we were able to highlight his adorable little lips and nose.  By adding a couple cute props we could change up his look without waking him up.  He was a real trouper and ohhhh so sweet!   There is nothing like holding a cuddly little baby.  He gave me my baby fix for the week!!!

Jack's newborn portraitJack's newborn portraitJack's newborn portraitJack's newborn portrait