Kifer Kids Portraits | Sarah Morgan Photography | San Diego, CA

Kids portraits are always a fun shoot.  I love when my clients come back with their new baby AND their other kids.  The Kifer kids were amazing to work with.  They were so fun and so cooperative.  Parents always think their kids are acting up and not behaving and basically ruining their photo shoot.  But they really are just being kids and having fun.  These kids are so adorable and sweet and did everything I asked them to do, resulting in great portraits their family will cherish forever.


Kids love this pose and have fun with it. Fun kids potraitsGorgeous formal portrait of all the Kifer kids.  Kids Portraits are so priceless.Gorgeous portrait of all 4 Kifer kids.It is always great to break up the seriousness once in a while.  Kids portraits just need to be fun.These kids were awesome to work with! So cute and sweet!