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How to take family vacation photos

There is nothing like summer and especially summer vacation!  Be ready to capture the best vacations photos with these few tips.

1 – Be Prepared

Whether you are traveling near or far, it is best to be prepared for anything!  Be sure to have extra batteries and memory cards and be sure to pack any chargers needed.  Don’t forget power adapters if you are traveling overseas.  A good camera case is essential for protecting your gear while traveling.  Make sure your camera is always at the ready to capture those quick candids and action shots as well as that beautiful sunset.  You never know when something interesting might happen.  Keep your camera close at hand!  My sister caught this photo of me and a giraffe at San Diego’s Safari Park because she had her camera close by.

vacation candids

2 – Let your photos tell the story of you vacation

Life is a story….be sure to capture the story of your vacation by including the anticipation of your trip by taking photos of packing the car, any informative road signs on a car trip and roadside scenery or pit stops.  If flying take photos arriving at the airport, getting on/off the plane, arriving at your hotel, etc.  Included photos of people in action during your vacation to help tell your story.  Take photos everyday of places you visit and activities you do.

how to take vacation photoshow to take vacation photos

3 – Be creative with posed shots

We all love to include our family and friends in our vacation photos.   Remember to add them to photos of landmarks such as signs, vistas and landmarks.  Try using different angles and adding action for more creative photos.   And don’t forget to either use the self-timer or have someone take photos that include YOU!

how to take vacation photoshow to take vacation photos

4 – Take some candids

Posed, smiley photos are fun, but capturing a child lost in thought or at play can be just as magical. Try taking a few photos of what is going on around you without being noticed.  Blend in, be quiet and observe.  When you find something interesting, go for it!

vacation candidsvacation candids

5 – Include landscape and close-up photos

If you are traveling to a new place, be sure to take lots of wide angle photos of the landscape, but don’t forget to take some close-ups too to enhance your story.  Close-ups of flowers, produce, markets, locals and your family can add drama and storytelling to your vacation album.

how to take vacation photos

how to take vacation photos6 – Give everyone a camera!

A great way to get an assortment of vacation photos is to make sure everyone has a camera so they can capture images that interest them and moments they would like to remember.   This may also help ensure that your kids don’t get bored with scenery when they would rather be at an amusement park.  It could also provide the world with the next great photographer!

how to take vacation photos

Happy Vacationing!  Enjoy and remember to take Lots of Photos!!!